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Unmasking bad actors on a network

TWPI’s core offering includes a proprietary tool that relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced data analytics, and sophisticated targeting to create transparency in obfuscated data networks, creating hyper-local identification of user behavior, patterns of life, and real-time location tracking of ‘bad actors’ on networks and the Internet. These metrics provide telecom carriers, corporations, advertisers, and security forces with unparalleled insights into activity and location (current- and backward-looking) of ‘bad actors’ on a given network.

Provide Indications & Warnings on Monitored Networks

Indications and warning information is a vital factor to understanding threat activities signaling a likelihood of an imminent cyber or physical attack. Monitoring of not only open, but also closed source data is a key component in the ability of a system to provide specific event predictions of a future action. The who, where, how, when and why of an unwanted activity is essential for authorities to take effective actions to prevent or deter a possible attack in a timely manner. 

Identify & Counter Psychological
Cyber Operations in Social Media

Understanding, analyzing and countering information warfare operations in social media is a massive task requiring cross functional cyber capabilities. Hostile actors are not only using it to rapidly spread graphic images and ideas but are also manipulating ordinary individuals to unwittingly cause disruption on their target.

Detect & Counter Next-Gen Cyber Threats Using AI

Artificial Intelligence is leading to new and innovative advancements in technologies and services. These AI-enabled advancements can be used to launch next generation cyber and physical attacks. AI-coordinated attacks can only be countered with AI-coordinated defenses that can detect and rapidly take action to successfully mitigate these threats – legacy systems will be challenged to handle these new sophisticated threats.



The We Project Inc. (TWPI-Inc.) is a technology and data driven, end-to-end, cyber solutions company serving the mobile, telecommunications, media and fintech industries. We monitor, detect, analyze and counter cyber threats using an effective and scalable global system. We run our own on-premises data centers which includes GPU hardware for AI. We maintain full control on all our systems and data.


When coupled with our proprietary data, our deep learning technology detects new threats, attacks and vulnerabilities across our customers’ ecosystems. Our operational experience covers the entire information warfare spectrum to include detection and neutralization of weaponized social media.

  • Identify bad actors across different social media platforms;

  • Tie the bad actors’ identities to end-point networks;

  • Identify additional entities based on patterns linked to the bad actors;

  • Identify and counter encryption or any other type of countermeasure being used to evade detection and identification


TWPI-Inc. is headquartered in Cleveland Ohio and is privately owned.





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